Not a fashion blogger

Friends, Its important for you to know that I am NOT a fashion blogger. But that said, sometimes I have to bite the bullet and tell you about fashion-y things because its important.

Pockets. They are important. I recently read a whole article about how not having pockets in female clothing was a really big male-driven conspiracy to keep us ladies down and in our place…and while I didn’t really buy THAT necessarily…what I did agree with was the need to hashtag enough with the female clothing that does not have pockets.

Abigail needs a place to put her phone.

Anyway, this week I happened upon a skirt that fit all my Abigail requirements:

  • Went past my knee ( no flashing the world when I’m bending over to pick up a kid who’s throwing a fit on the floor of a restuarant…now that would be embarrassing).
  • Had a lovely and forgiving elastic band in the back of skirt to help with the afternoon cookie problem.
  • came in prints that told the world that “I don’t take myself too seriously and oh, also, I wish I was Ms. Frizzle”  ( but it also comes in plain others too if that’s your cup of tea)

ANYWAY. If you’re looking for clothes that fit these criteria for your own life then here’s the link: The Skirt in question