One of the mysteries of Jesus’ death on the cross, is that He chose to die on a Friday and come back to life on a Sunday. A whole day between. And not just any day. It was a Sabbath day, and his followers were essentially force into sitting and waiting, unable to do anything to distract them from the loss of their Lord.

But we learned through our own experiences with Twin-to-Twin Transfusion back in 2012,  our own personal day between, that those days between Death and Life can hold the power to teach us and shape us and draw us to a closer relationship with Jesus.

This book goes into all the glorious details of our family’s journey, telling of the lessons we learned, the miracles we witnessed and the people and events that shaped who we became.

Follow our Journey to Print:

Where is the book right now?

  • December 2016-February 2017: Crowdfunding on Indigogo! We raised over $4000 to bring this book to life! HOORAY!!!
  •  January 2017:  The Day Between: A memoir of miracles is currently at the editors for content editing. My editor Terri Barnes was amazing to work with!).
  • February 2017: Book is back from the Editors! Abigail is making her ( hopefully final!?) content changes! Pray for her!
  • March 2017: Pray for Abigail as she brings final edits and touches to The Day Between.
  • April 2017: Handed the manuscript over to my designer, Kristy Tong, to begin work on the COVER!!!  ALSO: The Day Between: A Memoir of Miracles  is now getting final copyediting from Pencil Edits  before heading to final formatting. Nothing like “Spring Cleaning” your book.
  • May 2017: The book is finally getting a facelift! Formatting and design are currently in motion so that in the end, this book isn’t just a good read, but pretty to look at too!
  • August 2017: After a busy summer of being read by a few amazing Beta Readers who were looking for those pesky typos that we just can’t seem to catch ourselves, and an even busier summer emailing back and forth with my EVER PATIENT cover designer…. MARK YOUR CALENDARS to buy your book:  Publishing October 10, 2017!!!