Since Brett and I have been a part of the No Place Left movement for a while now, you could say I’m pretty passionate about making church accessible, teachable, reproducible and most of all Biblical for EVERYONE! One of the coolest things about making church pass these criteria, it means that kids as young as 7 or 8 can really be an active member of our churches. ( If you want to know more, please do not pass go, do not collect $200 head over to and find a training near you.)

However, since I have kids YOUNGER than 7 I’ve been working on making our younger kids a part of church too.  One of the things we have started doing I’ve share about is a dedicated church just for our littles, in our case, at its own special time. Or it can be while your other church is going on ( as long as someone is willing to sacrifice their time in church to lead! Feel free to take turns.)

I’m slowly putting together a seven week series, along with the help of our friend Chuck Wood ( and by “help” I mean he does 90 percent of the work and I just tell the story!) that matches the 7 Commands of Christ that can be found on the No Place Left website, but instead of the version we would do with anyone ready to start learning about Jesus ( criteria to use this version: the person knows how to read for themselves or is an adult)  instead, we will be doing the same lessons but with littles instead! HOORAY!

The Studies can be found right here in an easily downloadable format:

Command One

Command Two

Command Three

and if you want some extra tips you can check those out here.

and because I’m so excited about it, here’s a look at the story from the first command:

5 thoughts on “Kids church

  1. So good! I remember way back when…. 🙂
    My husband and I taught Jr. Church and my husband wrote the curriculum. The basis was what should kids know about the Bible and our Faith by the time they are leaving 5th grade. We hit all the major articles of faith as well as dispel notions of who angles and demons were with truth from God’s word. It was so fun!

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