So, it turns out the consignment sale was NOT as scary as I thought they’d be and there are some things that most of us moms really do want/ need for our babies. Thankfully, once you’re through with the baby days you don’t need to keep them around and so you get rid of all your baby equipment and if you’re smart, you re-sell it! AND if you’re still in the baby days then you should really be on the receiving end of these used baby items. You do not need to pay full price!

So, now I’ll tell you some of the must have baby items that I’ve bought second hand and you can judge me in the comment section

I got this for $15 and it then served all three of my own children plus four of my friends kids when it was off duty from our family. THAT’S a good deal!

I got this for $25, which was a huge score with all its gadgets and gismos…it does have a few stains on it-but nothing I can’t handle. All 3 of my kids slept in it and it developed a few more stains.

I an activity mat for something like $6 I think…its not this one exactly, but very similar.

I also bought one of these bouncy chairs for about half the price ( $10) . And friends, you’ve GOT to get one of these suckers. I don’t even call them bouncy chairs….I call them the “Help Mama’s Hygene” because they’re practically the only way you can get a shower those first few weeks ( read: months). I did run my first used one into the ground ( aka the little vibrating mechanism finally gave in to all the use) luckily I was able to just go buy another one for baby #3. No bigs.



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