Welcome Friends! I’ve been blogging since before it was cool and well before the “Mommy Bloggers” took over. I actually started when I was in college as a way to keep my friends and family apprised of my years attending the University of Otago in Dunedin New Zealand.

But then I kept right on going and have blogged right on through entering the “real world”- getting married to an Army Officer and becoming a full-fledged Army Wife. I wrote about the shock and huge changes when I became a first-time mom and my husband was away doing Army Stuff. I shared when I got pregnant with my second and found out it was twins, and the wrote more when we learned they had something called Twin to twin transfusion. I even confided about the loss of one of our daughters and then proclaimed the joy when our other daughter was born-miraculously free of difficulty. I wrote on my blog when we moved “home” to Texas and set up permanently in San Antonio.

And I faithfully documented when we got out of the Army and became regular people ( only sort of!). I shared when my third child was born and the fears wrapped up in that pregnancy.  I wrote here even when I was also working hard writing my first book,  and when I was busy with ministry endeavors and speaking engagements. And I’m writing still as we live in Germany for a few years!

In short, I have always found an outlet for writing in my life.  I love the joy of sharing the highs and even some of the lows ( because usually in that case Jesus is probably teaching me something too good not to share) with those who come across my blog and follow along. You can not only keep up on my latest goings on but also check out my book and my store (coming soon!). You can join me in my ministry endeavors and quickly find categories of my writing to peruse. I hope you’ll stick around!