Let’s Dominate Summer ( favorite things edition)


So, we’re t-minus 3 days until Summer officially starts here in the Wilson house. I’m not gonna lie, I’m facing the summer with equal parts dread and excitement. Wait. It might not be equal. Our household thrives on a good routine and a new season always throws us for a major loop…That said, we’ve already made a pretty stellar “Wilson Summer Goals” poster that is hanging proudly in our dining room. And we’ve got some equally awesome chore charts to help with our screen time fascination. So I think besides my children’s constant need for snacks-we’ll probably make it through the next few months without going too crazy!

Now that is taken care of, now let’s get on to the other important part of making this summer great. What is the phrase that people like to throw around now days? SELF CARE!  And if you take a moment to look at the temperatures where I live you agree that I DEFINITELY need some self care to survive!: 


But I’m all about sharing so here are my little “self-care” favorites for getting through the next few months:


Firstly, if you’re a follower of my Instagram Stories then you’ll know that a while ago I made the switch to natural deodorant. In fact, I’ve NEVER gotten so much feedback from my stories until I started talking about my pits. You guys are obsessed. For this reason I must tell you that after going through about 5 different deos I finally found the one that meets all my very important criteria

  • no scary ingredients
  • no baking soda ( turns out that stuff breaks me out like *whoa*)
  • doesn’t smell like a crunchy granola mama ( aka lavender) this is just a personal preference but i do not think my body chemistry goes well with lavender…not sure why.
  • Keeps me fresh ALL THE DAY

Ok, so I know that there is probably no way to know what will work for *you*- since I think all our bodies react differently to different deodorants. BUT if you’re looking to make a switch, or you still haven’t found your “one” then may I suggest THIS ONE?! !  Megababe: Rosy Pits….I love, love it! In fact, Brett actually commented and asked if I was wearing perfume the other day! WINNING!


Now, I know I’ve already dedicated a whole post to this skirt, so I wont say any more about it, other than *pockets*, but maybe you’re wondering how I ( a not so skinny girl) can pull of skirts in the blistering heat of Texas?!? WELL, I do it with this handy dandy little stick called Bodyglide which goes on like a deodorant, and allows you to literally run a marathon without chafing- or in my case-run errands with my three kids in the Texas Temps.

Now, one way I’m getting through this summer is by having a little fun with my hair and switching up the color…of course, the drawback of doing this during the summer WOULD be that swimming and sun quickly makes the color fade…BUT NO! In fact, thanks to this amazing company ( no unnatural chemicals! Cruelty-free)! That is not the problem! The problem is keeping me from switching up colors every week! Go check them out and seriously start putting colors in your hair RIGHT NOW! ( In fact, if youclick on this here link you can get $10 off your first order! You’re welcome!)  It will make you so so happy!

*In fact, if you are blonde or go big and bleach your hair, then you don’t even have to buy dye, just put this conditioner in your hair for about 20 minutes and BOOM! Amazing hair color! Let’s be a rainbow!


Now, let’s be real- as much as having some fun with your hair will definitely lighten ( pun intended) your mood…I’ve found that best best thing for me when things get hairy ( I can’t stop!) around the house is to turn on some worship music….this week I discovered yet ANOTHER one of my favorites is on Amazon Prime Music.*



My current favorite jams that have helped me when my children are being a hot mess and I’m returning in kind are: “Let your glory fall” “Speak to me” “Fall Afresh”….ugh! I could go on! This whole album will help you during your witching hour I promise! Worse comes to worse, just turn it up so loud you can’t hear the children. You’re welcome.


So now, share with me! What’s getting YOU through this summer?! I’m all ears!


*If you haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime yet….I’m not sure why you haven’t! The free 2-day shipping at Christmas time ALONE makes it worth it! But we also love all the unlimited streaming shows ( I’ll do a post about my favorite kid shows later this summer when we’ve all given up on “limiting screen time”….real talk) but for me, personally, I steam Amazon music pretty much ALL THE DAY! I love, love it! Get on this bandwagon, friends!!!