Its FriYAY!

I can’t believe its Friday came around exceptionally fast this week. It’s probably because I’m dreading next week. Brett will be on night-shifts and if my accounts of previous night shifts give any forewarning of what we can expect…then it’ll be a doozy. And not in a good way… , I mean, it happens A LOT. 

OK, but since I’m preparing for the worst, maybe it won’t be so bad?! I mean, I’ve got all sorts of modern conveniences to help me… I mean, I’m still with Wal-Mart’s grocery pick up. I’ve been using it for over a year and I still get positively gitty every time I go and they load my groceries into the back of the car like I’m a princess or something ( because that’s the definition of princess-don’t you know) and according to my super nice Wal-Mart personal shopper they are adding hundreds of new locations across the country…so do a little double check to make sure you’re not missing out. AND if its you’re first time, get $10 off on me!  ( P.S. I also attribute me lowering our monthly grocery budget on this service, as well. It turns out I was buying a lot of things “off list” when I went grocery shopping and this service has helped with that in a huge way!)

But since I’m preparing for an epic week of something going terribly wrong, I’m considering giving Postmates a try as well…apparently they’ll deliver just about anything to my door including one of those ridiculously disgusting Unicorn Frapps that everyone is talking about…but only if I’m REALLY wanting to feel a strong sense of self-loathing.  I’m more likely to have them deliver allergy medicine for my kids or something epically boring. hashtag mom life. That said…if you could have anything delivered to your door, what would it be?!

I do have an extra $14 sitting in my pocket that I DEFINITELY could spend on just chipotle alone- thanks to selling some things on Poshmark. And now I’m continually adding random things from my closet! Its like having an ongoing and incredibly easy garage sale! It turns out its easy-peasy to print off the pre-paid labels slap it on a free box from the post office and ship off the item once they sell.  And once it’s delivered the money magically shows up in my account! I’m a super fan! And if you want to go ahead and purchase something ( not necessarily from me! haha!) than feel free to use this code UNIKJ to get a discount on your first order!

Alrightly!! I’m gonna bounce! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


One thought on “Its FriYAY!

  1. I use H-E-B grocery pick up and I thank God regularly that it’s made it easier to feed my family and stay in budget.

    I wish my library had a delivery service. Sure I can drive by and have Zuzu run in and get the books I have on hold, but the library is right next to the high school which slows me down a bit. 😉 Seriously, modern life has its perks!

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