Super Mom

IMG_3516You guys. I’m clearly the reason people are successful with their at-home-businesses. I am a SUCKER for poorly made stretchy pants ( *ahem* leggings) and I’m DYING to try that stuff that supposedly makes your eyelashes reach down to your cheek bones. Thankfully I am not made of money and therefore I withhold from trying every single product that slides through my social media feed. That said, last week I took a nap on a Wednesday. At 4:45 in the afternoon. When I should have been doing dinner prep. I just COULD NOT go another step. So when my sweet husband walked through the door after a long day at the office I handed him the baby ( not really, Justice was probably busy going through the recycle bin right about then) and ran to our bed for a few winks. I woke up feeling gross and also annoyed that I couldn’t even make it through a normal Wednesday without a nap.

So that evening, I remembered how I’d had several friends rave about these nutritional supplements from THRIVE^. I knew I probably couldn’t afford them, but I went on an internet research binge anyway and came across a lovely lady on Instagram who was giving way not 2, not 3 but SIX days worth of the supplement for free! Whaaaaa?!?! Now six days was definitely a long enough amount of time for this skeptic to know if something really works or not, so I sent her two frantic private messages and waited to see if I’d won one of her freebies! ( seriously, you guys should follow this chick on Social Media, she has a lot of opportunities to give these products a try and to me that’s invaluable). It was such a great opportunity to give these supplements a shot- the simplicity ( do this one thing in the morning and then be on your way) was appealing because while I KNEW that if I just ate better, made sure I was getting all my greens etc, not eating as much sugar etc etc. than I’d probably get all these benefits myself. But sometimes I forget to eat until 11am and then I’m so starving that I’ll eat a giant bag of goldfish out of desperation. Please tell me I am not the only one?!?!

IMG_3489So cut to this week….I waited to start my 6 days on Monday-probably the most intense of my weekdays- I had just come off of a weekend where Brett worked 12 hour shifts, which meant *I* had worked 24 hour shifts single parent style ( shout out to my single parents! You guys amaze me!) and I was now going into my day where I would be running two miles with a double stroller, doing grocery shopping for the week, doing laundry, preparing and packing up dinner, getting one kid ready for ballet and the other ready for soccer and then heading off to ballet, picnic dinner at the park ( read: run after kids begging them to eat in between jungle gym sessions), and soccer practice ( read: chasing after the other two kids so they wouldn’t run into the middle of practice)…also all of this was without Brett. He was working late.

I’m telling you all of this so that you know what my days are like. Sure, Mondays are particularly rough with after school activities, but tuesday-friday aren’t much different. So when Thursday came along and I was chasing my kids around the house in a superhero mask at 7pm at night, after a very long day of various parenting and such obligations, I KNEW that these supplements worked.

But here are the stats. Thanks to my Apple Watch I have very real numbers that show I had more energy and felt better this past week. On average I burned about 150 more calories a day. I guess that isn’t THAT much, but when you’re trying to lose a few pounds. That essentially means at least a pound of loss a week, without changing anything else!

But the REAL kicker came when I looked at my “active” time. My watch some how ( don’t ask me how, its apple magic) figures out how many minutes you are “active” during the day. The previous week I was “active” ( as in workout level) about 21 minutes in a day. This past week? 41 minutes a day!

That’s crazy! I seriously DOUBLED my active minutes without making any couscous effort other than taking my vitamin supplement pill, drinking my supplement shake* and sticking a little patch on my skin! WHAAAA!?!

But really the very best part was playing with my kids this week, I felt like I was much more involved with them, not zoned out on my phone on the couch because I was so tired and zapped of energy, but actively playing with them. I really, really loved that feeling.

So, like all these business models. If I can find 2 people who are willing to give these supplements a shot, then I will get it for freeeeeeeeee! I’m not gonna lie! I’m hoping one of you will find the idea of tons of extra energy and the peace of mind knowing your nutritional gaps are being filled, so appealing that you’ll want to try it for yourself! You can check out my website here and, don’t worry, I asked…signing up for the much cheaper “subscription” version so you can save money, is not signing your life away. there is a button to cancel said subscription right there if you immediately regret it. ( But you won’t!)– and I have a feeling if you try it, you can probably easily convince two of YOUR friends and family to do it too ( and get your OWN free supplements) because everyone wants more energy and better nutrition right?!?!

* I found the mix super nasty and sweet tasting, but adding just one drop of OnGuard essential oils and it was totally bearable.

^ This helpful review gave some insight into just WHAT I was putting into my body. Worth a read if you’re wondering….I personally was worried about the seemingly large amounts of “caffeine” that was probably in the green coffee bean extracts- BUT I can tell you I slept well every night this week! So guess it wasn’t that big of a deal because I’m SUUUUUPER sensitive to caffeine.

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