Third Baby Things

After Tabitha was born I wrote a blog post about things I found invaluable with a second child. You can read that post here. I definitely still stand by those things, but now I’m on to baby number 3 and I thought you might like to know about the things that have been life savers for me this go around….

First of all, something I got before Justice was born that I wish I had had with my previous two kiddos was this amazing nursing cover from Covered Goods. The amazing thing about it for me is that it gives 360 degree coverage! I can put it on and nurse and not have to worry if I’m sitting against a wall so as not to flash people from behind or if Justice is going to throw off the side before I can catch him! I have not flashed a soul since getting this puppy! Hooray! ( Now, as you’ll see from the website, you can also use this as a seat cover at the grocery store-which is a very “first child” thing to do! I’ll probably not use it for this purpose…but I DO use it as a scarf just because its easier to carry that way! haha!). Check out these from the same company where I get my bibs:  Copper Pearl Stretchy Multi-use Baby Car Seat / Nursing Cover “The Classic”

The next thing that I could not live without are my Lily Jadebags . Granted I got these about a year ago but I find the SO useful having THREE kiddos! I can fit SO much inside them! 
Here is a picture of what I fit inside my diaper bag. 
And then for those really interested here is a video ( as requested by cousin Kimery! Hi!) of me packing my diaper bag….
If you’re interested, I had a Elizabeth in Brandy as well as a Madeline. I love them both and switch them out a lot…And in case you’re wondering…I wouldn’t mind having a Rosie in Black but I guess I shouldn’t be greedy, huh?!  😉 
Pro tip: Follow Lily Jade on instagram, they’re always doing giveaways! You never know you might get lucky! xoxo
Another love I can’t live without for my third baby are theseCopper Pearl Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

I came across them when I was looking for bibs for a newborn ( poor spitting up Justice!)-these are not only seriously the most adorable bibs I’ve ever seen but they also have multiple snaps meaning they can be sized down for a newborn and sized up for a 1 year old ( or older?!?!).  When you visit the website you’ll see why I own six of these and why I wish I owned more! They are SO SO cute! And very durable and thick! Justice literally wears one every SINGLE day ( even though he doesn’t spit up as much, he is a mega drooler) ! And I basically do laundry when all 6 are dirty. 
*it should be noted all these opinions are my own. I received nothing from these companies before writing this post! As always, it is just my love of sharing great things with my readers that motivates me!* 
So there you have it! What are you loving for your kiddos lately? Any amazing finds you want to share with me?! I’m all ears! 

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