Favorite things: free +bible+ my kid

 Today I would like to share one of my new favorite things- or rather one of Ransom’s favorite things. Of course in doing so I’ll also be admitting something to you… Ransom has been getting regular screen time for about 45 minutes during Tabitha and Justice’s afternoon naps. This would normally be the perfect time to do some school with Ransom but the last few weeks I’ve found that it’s also the only time I have to work on Christmas prep and get any to all my house work done… Or even more likely sit on the couch and star into space. So when Ransom comes begging for the iPad I tend to cave. Sigh. 

HOWEVER, as luck would have it, I downloaded a new app from the makers of YouVersion Bible App. It is the Kids Bible App, and it’s great!
Ransom spends pretty much ALL his iPad time on this ONE app!

First off, it is has about 20 or so Bible stories that the app reads out loud, along with graphics that will move and do different things as you click on them that correspond with the story.  Then with each story there are three different questions to gauge comprehension, that pop up throughout the stories that you can click on and answer. If you get the question right you get a “star” on the story badge. Apparently this simple act of gathering stars plus some basic graphics are enough to keep Ransom very very happy! 

It also makes me happy to listen to Ransom as he plays the bible stories over and over again. So, since the app is FREE, you should download it as soon as possible! ( it’s available on Apple, Google and Amazon products!) 

I, for one, will not be casting any screen time stones your way 😉 

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