HabitAT living room!



Heeeeeey, we’re back with those lovely wonky “pictures of my computer screen” BEFORE shots of our house!!! I know you’ve missed them!


But today, for the purposes of context you must subject yourselves once more to what our house looked like before we moved in…white carpet, wood paneling, it’s all there on my computer screen pictures for your enjoyment….

And just in case you aren’t getting the FULL EFFECT of those built in bookshelves: 
And now you REALLY see why I had to get those awful awful bookshelves painted before we moved in! So, now, that you’ve let that wash over you like some warm Gulf of Mexico dirty water ( only those of you from Texas will truly understand that analogy)…. let’s take a little look-see into the current state of our living room today. With new flooring and painted built-in, I think the room changed considerably. As for the “moving in” process; there are two pieces of art work that have yet to be hung ( actually, I’ve yet to get them really…they have been commissioned and I’m pretty sure once I get my little hands on them they will deserve their own post) but other than that I think the room is pretty much complete: 
Here we are looking into the room from the entry way: 
And from the kitchen looking back:  
And now let’s take a good close up of those built in glorious shelves now that they are much, MUCH, MUCH better looking….
There are really so many things I love about having such a large and useful living area- I think it reflects our current season of life well, particularly with the open shelves of toys ready to be played with and then happily returned to their spot ( ha!). I LOOOOOVE those closed off cabinets at the bottom of the built-ins, perfect for all my newly acquired school supplies plus our always growing collection of board games and art supplies. I always struggled with how to store these in a place that was accessible but also didn’t look junky. HOORAY for cabinet doors! 
I must say, that on an almost nightly basis when I walk through this room to turn off lights and get things tidy for the next day, I find my self thanking the Lord again for this huge blessing.  I am just continually grateful for the gift of this house! I really DO love it and am finding what a gift it has been so far. 
If you’ve missed other HabitAT posts you can check out my tours of the  Kitchen, Entry way artwork, and guest room  here for your amusement. 

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