We did it.

This post is brought you by my parents who sent a package that included the movie “Planes” for Ransom. My mom apologized that there really wasn’t anything in the package for me, but I beg to differ. We’re watching a movie at 3:30 in the afternoon on a Friday and I call that a Mommy Present. 

So, Brett has been working nights for the past 4 weeks. I’m not complaining about this. I did my complaining last night on my ongoing chat conversation with two of my Mommy Besties. I have to delete our conversations every few months-not because of all the incriminating pictures of our kids doing dangerous/hilarious things like standing up in the bathtub-but because we often text SO much that it actually takes up my precious iPhone space. If you don’t have a “safe” place to vent your parenting emotions at 4:56pm when dinner is only half done and there is a 20 month old attached to your leg and a four year old lecturing you on car types relentlessly-than shoot me a message and I’ll send you my number. Every mom deserves this important lifeline. P.S. We use a lot of emojis. Particularly the “little wine glass” and the “hands in the air” girl.

Anyway, yesterday we were in the midst of Daddy Working Nights, and Mommy had only had 45 minutes of alone time in…two days….because someone is cutting 4 teeth and decided that sleeping was for the weak. And It turns out I don’t do well with only 45 minutes of alone time. And we had just gone to the grocery store at a quarter to 5 because I was missing a key, important ingredient to dinner ( fine, it was ALL of dinner, ok! Geez.) and somehow we got out of there in one piece even though I’d forgotten a certain someone’s pacifier ( which she usually only gets at bedtime but…four teeth.) And we’d had to sing Wheels on the Bus nonstop the whole way to the grocery store….And so in a moment of joy and triumph having left the store alive and semi-sane I let out a big “We did it! We did it! We did it!” And a few fist pumps from the drivers seat and then my four year old mustered what I’m sure was meant as a legit compliment: “You’re just like Dora, Mom!”

And as much as I hate to admit it, I really AM like Dora! I totally navigated through this week as “easily” as if I had a map in my backpack and BOOM! FOUND THE TREASURE on Pirate Island!  We made it through this week! Here’s  a “little glass of wine” emoji for us all…

4 thoughts on “We did it.

  1. Man, I totally need to find me one of those mom friends. When the hubs is out on a 3 day trip and the almost-two year old starts demanding bananas in a super repetitive high pitched voice, and then the 3 month old sets up a wail… yup, a little wine glass emoji would not be turned down!

  2. So I cut coffee this week (a seemingly ill-fated decision), thus you'll have to pardon my lack of brain power but I have no idea how to send you an email…

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