Heart in my throat

So, things have been a bit tenuous lately. And after the most recent developments I’m going to share about it here. Mostly because I’m selfish and I covet some extra prayers. And I definitely say selfishly because I know there are much greater needs to be prayed for-because the bottom-line I know that we are covered by a lot of Grace around here and that He will not desert us.

Ok, so now to my crazy tale:

At the end of May I developed a case of Strep throat. It was uncomfortable to say the least but I was able carry on daily activities of caring for kids and going to a play dates at Chick-fil-A and having house guests etc. However, very suddenly, I couldn’t do any of these things any more. Within an hour ( as in in the middle of our oven blowing up-quite literally- and dinner needing to be on the table I told my poor husband-bless him…. I had to go to bed). While I lay there in bed wondering why I couldn’t even swallow without excruciating pain, I got a text from a friend in our ministry here saying “Great news! We met a few ladies while out giving out cookies and praying for people, who REALLY want to learn about Jesus, can you come with me tomorrow night to share some Stories of Hope!?!” –
I was so bummed, this was a long long long awaited answer to prayer, but by the next day I found myself at the ER. Where I was diagnosed with a Peritonsillar Abscess. In a way I felt justified for feeling so bad and a little mad that the ER had so clearly laughed at me and left me without even a triage for over 4 hours. But I was given a steroid shot, some much needed pain relief, and some strong antibiotics to hopefully get rid of the Abscess. I felt better within 12 hours. But I’d missed my chance to go share with those ladies, something I’d been praying I’d get to do for….well…basically a year.

But there’d be another chase the next week! The ladies were hungry for Truth and I was excited about their next meeting. It turned out they meet again within the next two weeks. The day we were planning to meet, I had finished my round of antibiotics and my throat returned to fire. The abscess was back. I was back on antibiotics and I was once again missing a chance to meet with the ladies.

However the doctors were positive. They figured it would just take a “bit longer” for the antibiotics to work on the abscess. So I took the medicine, felt better pretty quickly and didn’t think much more about it. I was even able to finally  meet with the ladies! It was great!  I even packed up those antibiotics and headed off on a lovely vacation with my parents and sister’s family. And finished up all my meds a few days before heading home. And then….

The night I returned I got a sore throat. I knew it was coming back. It was a classic repeat of the time before, and the time before that! But this time I figured I had one difference!! I wasn’t schedule to meet with the ladies again for 3 days! I had time to get this taken care of!! I headed to the ER* again the next morning. It was 7am, the ER was empty. I was in and out again in an hour. With nothing. I was told it was “probably a virus” and that I just needed to suck it up. They did give me a steroid pill, so I figured they were right and started the “sucking up process”. I made it another day and a half. But by day 3 ( you guessed it, right on time to meet with the ladies) I was literally in tears from the pain.

Which brings me to my latest and hopefully last ER visit. I INSISTED on seeing the ENT, and was finally given a CT scan of my throat. Sure enough I’ve got myself a rocking abscess that just doesn’t want to go away. My options were all pretty gruesome and all included antibiotics so we’ve decided on a “compromise” of sorts. I will be taking ANOTHER round of a DIFFERENT antibiotic in the hopes that this one will actually work without invasive actions. And if it doesn’t, I’ll be finding out ( as in finishing the meds) right before we leave on our long LONG awaited vacation to see Brett’s Dad’s side of the family up in  Maryland.  The plan is that if it doesn’t work this time, I’ll see the Ear Nose and Throat Doctors before we leave, get more antibiotics and schedule a tonsillectomy for when I get back. Which sounds all well and good except that I know how tired my body already is. I know that antibiotics are great, but they seem to be doing more and more harm to my body in side affects than good, even now two days into this round, my throat is still struggling-which is not a good sign. The thought of dealing with that struggle while also dealing with the added stressors of travel is a disappointment. And I also know that Brett is leaving for a 3 week training exercise in Indiana when we return from Maryland, and therefore it will require other family to step in and help me out in my recovery from surgery.

So, friends, to sum up, its been crazy around here. And I have been left feeling weak. Weak emotionally, spiritually and definitely physically.  But, I’ve also been here before. In fact, we’ve been in FAR greater straits then these! And we’ve always had a Heavenly Father to pull us through! I look forward to seeing His Mighty Hands at work. I’ll keep you updated….

*You may wonder why I go to the ER and not my “regular doctor”? Because its nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get appointments with my regular doctor. I’ve called in extreme pain and told the next available appoint was 3 weeks away. Such is military medicine. If you live with it, you know what I’m talking about. The rest of you refrain from talking about ER abuse around me.

4 thoughts on “Heart in my throat

  1. I am praying for you. I trust you read about our recent experiences with doctors and Mordecai. Off to the ER he will go next time, so he can get actual treatment…and take up valuable space and waste ER doctor's time…time that could be used treating patients in much worse shape.

  2. Abigail, we are praying for you. You are important to us and to all who love you so never feel that you might be taking up space on our prayer list that could better be used for more important things. Next time, let us know sooner when something is wrong. Love , Aunt Sheron and Uncle Talmadge

  3. ER is the way to go Ab. He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. Some trials to share with the ladies? praying for healing…

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