It’s like riding a bike.

Did you know that I never officially learned how to ride a bike? I’m sure I’ve mentioned this embarrassing fact on my blog before but its worth repeating.

It’s even more embarrassing because, thanks to the awesome invention of the “balance bike”  my 3 year old has been riding a bike better than I ever could for almost 2 years now.

That being said, the whole phrase “it’s like riding a bike” has always been more theoretical than actual known scientific fact for me. Basically I’m just going to have to take all your bike-riding people’s word for it- But writing blog posts is definitely one instance that it is NOT like riding a bike, you can NOT just jump back on.

Turns out that good writing takes practice. And my own writing has dwindled down into one word sentences that look like this:
 “Help.”  written in the margins of my Bible.

I’m coming off of a three week bought of sickness. My kids are still sick, but luckily I  seem to becoming to the end of it. I say luckily because Mama really has to be well. There are no sick days for Mommies.

Unless you’re Gwyneth Paltrow.

Anyway, I’m coming up for air. And I’m letting you know that after finally getting my computer fixed ( it’s been under the weather for a bit), I’m hoping to get back into serious book writing. However.  As I just mentioned writing just doesn’t come all natural like. It takes work, and some greasing of some wheels. Therefore I’ve decide that I’m going to kick start my writing juices by writing some badly written blog posts here…. Lucky you!

And since all my creative juices are focused on things like, “What will we eat for dinner this week?” ( because its one of life’s greatest unfairnesses that we must come up with things to eat EVERY DAY, THREE TIMES A DAY)- I’m going to ask you, dear people-who-use-to-read-this-blog-back-when-I-wrote-things. What would you like to see a blog post about?
Maybe I’ll pick one and write it this week!

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