blurry lines

As an Army wife, one of the perks has been, up until this point-the fact that we move every year or two giving us the opportunity to not become contestants on the show Hoarders. Having to move keeps my priorities in line on the whole “necessity” verse “luxury” situation.

However, we have now been at our current location for almost three years (!!!) and the lines are getting blurry….for instance I saw this on someones blog today and I came thisclose to buying it.

 Its a wall hanging, just in case you can’t tell…but I kind of have a thing for owls. And I felt like it would go well in my guest room…plus, it was only 16 dollars!!! SHUT UP!

Anyway, if your also one of those people with blurry lines, you can get it here.

I was able to resist. This time.

One thought on “blurry lines

  1. Hey Abigail. Richard here, and I've got to say that this wall hanging almost brought out the snark in me. But before I could come up with something witty to say, I realized that I had spend five minutes admiring this owl. I totally get the appeal and commend you on your ability to resist it.

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