If you give a mouse a cookie…

Oooooor in my case if our DVD player breaks….

So I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while, but lets just say visitors and then a major bout of sickness, Brett leaving for a month happened and blogging has taken a mini vacay. But I think we’re finally through the woods of sickness ( PLEASEPLASEPLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE!) and now for my blog post…

A little while before Christmas our DVD player died. That little $40 gem had been going strong for 6 years so I say it had a good run. So we bid it farewell and put “DVD player” on our Christmas lists. And so it was that at Christmas Brett unwrapped a BLUERAY player from my parents. WHOOOA the Wilson’s just went up a notch on the technology ladder and so we took our new little baby home and hooked her up to our little TV ( incidentally the TV was purchased back when TVs were JUST starting to become flatscreens. She was pretty sweet back then, but now we looked upon her with distain….she could not even show HIGH DEFINITION! How could we put up with such subpar viewing when we had such a fabulous blueray player?! And so the obvious solution was to go shopping for a new TV.

Did you know that small TVs are actually more expensive than big TVs?!?! At least in direction correlation with size and price the bigger TVs are a better deal…and P.S. Its not like I wanted a BIG TV its just that a small TV ( under 32″) that could comfortably fit in our entertainment center where particularly difficult to find….
And since we’re bringing up our entertainment center lets take a look at in now:

Sorry about the picture…I really didn’t think about taking a before shot, I wish I had…but regardless this picture will do. 
What you can’t see is that the bottom right cabinet door is just for show, it was ripped off its henges years ago…now its just propped there precariously. What you also cant see is the awful particle board backing behind the TV. UG-LY.  What you probably CAN see is what a large monstrous, atrocity it is in my living room. Let’s just say in the 5 houses its lived in while we’ve own it, it has dominated the living room set up. And its no picnic to move either. In a word ( or three), I. Hate. It. 
And so, here we were having to get a TV that will fit inside a entertainment center that I hate with every ounce of my being?! Certainly not! And so, that is how we came to get the Beautiful Buffet to go with the new significantly larger, TV-that-will-show-all-the-beauty-of-the-Blueray-Player. 
Yes. This is one of those first-world posts…where I tell you about a DVD player breaking and how in the end we spent waaaaay more money than the cost of a DVD player. *sigh* BUT the good part is that my living room is beyond pretty to behold now. Annnnd we used our usually ear-marked “Anniversary Trip” money on our new view. You see, Brett will be deployed for our 5th Anniversary and so this seemed like the right thing to do under the circumstances. Or at least that was my excuse. 
Anyone want to watch something on blueray? Because now we have to buy some of those too….

One thought on “If you give a mouse a cookie…

  1. bwahahahahahahahahah! If you give a mouse a cookie, indeed! 🙂 And the new setup does look very nice 😀

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