Cookie of the Month

This month I killed two birds with one stone and made Brett his “monthly cookies” for “Valentine’s Day”…. I put Valentine’s Day in quotes only because we put in a lot more effort on other holidays such as birthdays and anniversaries…..Buuuut V-day cookies seemed like a good idea and Strawberry Nutella thumbprint cookies seemed like an even better idea. 
I got my recipe from this site: Sinfully Spicy  and go ahead and do a compare and contrast on my cookies and her cookies. Yeah. Her’s look better. But, since I always say presentation is not as important as taste I was not deterred. However, I really wish I’d read all the way to the end on her recipe because I think in the long run I would have gone with the original recipe rather than her adapted one. Mostly because the cookie itself ended up being super bland. And come on….anyone who’s ever had a spoon full of Nutella knows that stuff is NO JOKE.  While, I admit, I’d eat an entire tub of that yummy goodness all on its lonesome with no reservations, when I am pairing it with something else I probably need something with a strong enough flavor to stand on its little lonesome. So next time more strawberries, and more sugar and I think it’ll be really A-mazing cookie. 

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