This morning Ransom and I got to see Brett for a few hours….most of which Brett spent sleeping.

And thus I fought hard against disappointment ( that we didn’t get more time together), guilt ( that I wanted Brett to give up on sleep to spend time with us?!), anger ( stupid army!) and a whole lot of other unpleasant emotions. Buuuut, the whole experience reminded me yet again what a challenge being thankful can really be sometimes…I mean, what I wanted was to be genuinely happy to see my husband who I haven’t laid eyes on in the flesh for over a week. What I wanted was to soak up the few hours we got ( even if it was watching him sleep) before he heads back into the field. But sometimes my ugly side gets the better of me.

Hopefully, however, I did rally enough to enjoy a little breakfast of scrambled eggs, apples and cinnamon toast with Brett and our growing little dude. Looking over the last few days of pictures reminds me just how he has transitioned out of the “baby” stage. *sigh*

Every time I come into a room and he’s sitting proudly on some piece of furniture I get a little shock…luckily it hasn’t been on, say, the top of the entertainment center…not yet anyway. 😉 

 Let me just say that riding in one of these carts has made shopping a BREEZE yet again…of course when he gets tired of this, I’m not sure if they have anything cooler…heheh
 Is it just me or does eating cereal the proper way seem really grown up?! 
Little dude up and started blowing bubbles in the bathtub last night! I didn’t even show him  how! He was so pleased with himself that he posed for this picture. ( seriously, he posed.) 

2 thoughts on “"Thankful"

  1. LOL the cereal picture makes him look like 17-years-old — big yawn and so annoyed to be awake ;-).

    My solution to the grocery store thing is to combine TWO solutions: the cart with snacks. One and then the other 😉 (P.S. the cart has yet to loose charm over here).

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