35 minutes of free joy.

So during my run this morning, I ran by the back of one of those non-discript Army buildings (WHAT do they DO inside all those buildings?!?)  where there is a dumpster. And next to said dumpster was a bookcase ( sadly destroyed by last nights rain). And  metal  industrial shelves ( not yet fully destroyed by rain!). And I immediately thought,  “Hmmmmm, what else do I have to do today but take those shelves off the hands of that dumpster!?”

And so after my run, and after talking to Brett on Facetime, Ransom and I piled into the car and I wedged the metal shelves into the back of my car….I even thought to bring a tarp so as not to ruin my car insides. This was smart since they shelves were wet, dirty and covered in leaves.

So I brought them home, waited for Ransom to go down for his nap ( which, P.S. He is STILL asleep!! He’s been down for OVER 2 hours! WOO!) , then I cleaned up that bad boy and BOOM! I turned my back stairwell from this:

Into THIS:
And the whole process took less then an HOUR!! YAY!!

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