Twwwoooo moooore daaaays

Hey peeps.

This week has been totally crazy. Case in point: Two and a half hours at the doctors office. During Ransom’s nap time. awwwwesome!

Luckily we got medicine and Ransom is currently sleeping it off ( I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that he’ll sleep longer than usual.). Ironically he’s been in that horrible transition between two naps and one for a while now, and today might ACTUALLY be the best napping we’ve had all week. Wouldn’t that be ironic?!?

Anywhos. I just wanted to remind everyone to enjoy the fine “fall” weather ( 80 degrees…that counts right?!) or whatever weather you’re having in your local…and then DON’T FORGET TO DO YOUR Philippians study!!! I’ll be sharing my chapter 1 thoughts on Friday and I can’t wait to hear what you guys think too! ( check out the top of the blog for all the links to everyone’s thoughts from last week)

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