Lovely lovely lovelies

Just wanted to post to let everyone know that I’ve added a little Page Tab at the top of my blog where you can find all the links to the Philippians Week One studies. I need to ponder how/ or if to post the ones sent to me via email. I feel like I’m the winner here since I get to read ALL the posts! You guys make my day ( and week!).

So Ransom might be in the dreaded transition from two naps to one. Either that or he’s teething/sick/or just plain ornery…all that to say-we had to spend a goodly amount of time outside in the lovely fall day in the hopes that it would rub off on him. It didn’t.

Nothing like some spontaneous stopping of a walk to enjoy a spot. 

You can see here in this picture that Ransom is patting his chest in his “Please” sign. That took a MONTH to perfect. Whew. 
These are all the acorns that Ransom picked up and then dutifully brought over to me. Sometimes he can be sweet. 

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