A rebel with a tiny cause

So, I deactivated my facebook account today…I’ve been toying with the idea to do it for days-well, really ever since that glorious week of vacation when I didn’t check it. Anyway, it probably won’t be forever, right now I’m going for a month-but, anyway, the deciding factor was time. And time well spent. This week was busy hanging out with two of my gorgeous friends from Texas, Christa and Esther. I’ve known them their whole lives and it is always such a nice surprise when you find yourselves adults and friends at that! 

At our second fireworks show of the weekend…
eating famous “Abt Family Chili Cheese Dogs”

A jam packed week of goodness

If you look closely you can see the airborne students jumping from the plane…

 three ladies at his beck and call? one spoiled baby

It was a great week and in the midst of the busyness I feel like God was talking to me a bit about the people I should be making a priority. The Dear Ones who have been neglected because I’m a “busy mother”, but really if I’m honest I’m just not doing an awesome time management job.  And so what better way to free up some time for the Important People than to get rid of the people I just randomly stalk? ( haha) And thus the change. In fact, I think the only thing really holding me back was the fact that I wouldn’t be able to share pictures of Ransom as easily…but what about my dear neglected blog?! And so, even though its a bit harder to post…I’ll be hopefully making an effort to pick up the missing facebook slack by posting more pictures here instead. We’ll see how that goes..
Sometimes Fort Benning can rock a pretty sky. 

2 thoughts on “A rebel with a tiny cause

  1. Yay! I love the idea of more pictures of Ransom here. My facebook philosophy would horrify most people so let's just say I support you! I love you and wish the cousins could hang out! Next summer in Texas…I hope to see you then for sure! Love, Amber

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