Tidbits #2

We recently visited a book store in our town…ok, ok, it was Barnes and Noble. MAN! I MISS HALF PRICE BOOKS SO MUCH. But since that’s all this town has to offer that’s where we were forced to go…

Anyway, how great it is that I now have a child and a legit reason to visit the children’s book section! How DANGEROUS it is that I now have a child and can “justify” buying all the children’s books I want to buy! *sigh* 
This trip, however, I only bought one book ( because let’s be honest…at Barnes and Noble prices WHO CAN AFFORD BOOKS?!?) because it was TOO GOOD to pass up. 
Now you all know that I would never steer you wrong when it comes to children’s books…and there are many many MANY out there not worth touching with your little finger, but THIS book, THIS book is wonderful. So wonderful in fact, that I am currently considering sending it to a friend of mine that doesn’t even HAVE children. Its that good. 
Here are two of my favorite pages: 
Edit: So last night I couldn’t sleep…and I was thinking about blogs that I love and people that I love, and how I really do LOVE my blog readers. So, I’ve decided in the spirit of sharing and all that is fun to truly give this book to a friend. ONE OF YOU! So, dear readers, please comment on this blog post telling me your favorite children’s book growing up. And next Monday, I will randomly choose a winner of this lovely book. 

11 thoughts on “Tidbits #2

  1. My favorite childrens book to read to my kids is Dr. Suess's “Left Foot, Right Foot.” It was the one book I never got tired of reading to them!

  2. I would have to say that my favorite was “Where the Wild Things Are”. I know its a little creepy but man the pictures where awesome!!!

  3. I LOVED The King Who Could Not Sleep. My dad always read me to sleep and he would read it all in one breath, or so I remember ;), and I thought he was the coolest.

  4. Big Sarah's Little Boots 🙂

    I bought it a couple years ago because I couldn't find mine from when we grew up. I'm sure my mom has it packed away somewhere 🙂


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