The Village

It really DOES take a village to raise this particular mother! ( me). And that mother (me) is beyond thankful to all those who gave their support, solidarity and whatever good “s” word you can come up with for “advice”-personally I haven’t had enough sleep to think if there is such a word, but that word would be perfect right there and so insert it at your leisure.

But seriously though, all of you who sent your lovin’-I appreciate it. And it got me through yesterday. That and the Diet Coke that my husband brought home for me. Oh and the pecan/chocolate pie that I mindlessly ate three pieces of while Ransom was crying at various points during the day… Not all at once. No, that would be a problem. Ha! ha. ha 

Oh and then I couldn’t sleep last night. Which is because I was OVERLY tired. ( which is apparently called “sleep fatigue” ). Which, you know, is awesome. 
BUT this morning I read the perfect verse in my time with Jesus that I think is going to help me during future sleepless nights…
” When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheers my soul.”-Ps 94:19
Isn’t that lovely? I think it is. Especially when you have a mind that tends to collect all the cares of the day and then pulls them out and turns them over and over in its hands for hours. I have such a mind…but the Lord’s consolations ( as in comfort) come in and soothe all those little cares of mine. 
I took this picture during the ONE time Ransom slept for longer than 30 min. yesterday….in my lap. For an hour and a half.  At least he’s so adorable….

3 thoughts on “The Village

  1. You're doing great Abigail! And that is one of my favorite verses -check it out in NASB, it talks about anxiety multiplying within you, which is so true! Praying for you!

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