Hard little life lessons

So, I had a big piece of humble pie this weekend….
I’ve basically decided-after being back home for about two hours ( so its possible I’ll learn something later) that I should NOT have gone to the conference this weekend.

I mean, I honestly cannot figure out why I was there! I literally sat by myself for a majority of the weekend, because Ransom would NOT nap in his car seat ( go figure! Who would want to do that anyway?!?) and therefore I missed every session* because I was sitting up in an empty seating area while my child slept in a room nearby. Yeah. I would then be late for every meal because I was feeding Ransom first, and therefore I would show up-hand my kid over to someone for a short while, while I shoved food in my mouth. No good conversations with people there! The one possible saving grace of the weekend was that I got to lead a workshop with my friend Keri-and getting to prepare that workshop with her over the past few months has been REALLY great! But, to be honest she could have TOTALLY done it without me…and I think that’s kind of why I feel humbled.
Was I really suppose to go to that Conference? If I’m honest about it, I didn’t spend too much time praying about it at the time that it was first mentioned-I just went “business as usual” and at the time usual was to say “yes” to ministry opportunities…Now I am thinking that ministry opportunities equal my son…
Its hard to admit that I am so much more limited now-and while I wish that I could do everything-doing something as big as a conference without ever Brett there for help-it was silly.

BUT, on the plus side Ransom was an absolute DREAM CHILD for most of the weekend, including the car rides- seriously….LOVE this little boy!

*My wonderful super-hero of a friend, Marie took Ransom for the last session…along with her own four children. incidentally, she didn’t go to ANY of the sessions-what an amazing person!

One thought on “Hard little life lessons

  1. This is what happened with the PWOC conference I was supposed to go to last year … only it was in November and I had a solid 7 months of life with Dave to figure out that going was not going to equal anything even near me actually GOING. If it had only been two months in I probably wouldve gone anyway and had to do exactly what you just did.

    But! Im postive there WAS a reason you were there … if only for God to show you that you can TOTALLY travel with R! And he is a champ! And you are super mom! And everything works out great no matter how much we worry about it. the lessons continue …

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