One week down!

Woo HOO! We’ve survived one week without Daddy!! Didn’t think it was possible, it was the longest week EVER ( probably not as long as this coming week will be, but we’ll see!!) and we survived a whole night by ourselves last night and so I’m optimistic that we’ll live through this week ahead ( although you’d never guess from my dramatic facebook status last night…one should not get to have internet access at all hours of the night, its probably not good for the censors.)

It was soooo great having my mom here! Not just all the helpfulness with Ransom…but I don’t think the two of us have had that much together time in YEARS! So bonus!

Somebody doesn’t like to get baths…but there’s nothing like a few fingers to sooth you from the stress!

And his hair is SO CUTE after his bath! It makes me want to brave the screams ALL THE TIME.

Maybe I’m just missing Ransom’s Daddy a lot but I think he looks more like him every day!

Today Ransom slept with his head hanging off my lap…you’d think this would be uncomfortable…

3 thoughts on “One week down!

  1. what a big baby boy. he looks older than his age. congratulations Abigail, ya'll've done very well.
    peace and grace,
    thomas m

  2. First off I have to say- I love the bathtub hair! Freshly bathed babies with lots of hair always remind me of fluffy little chicks. More importantly I wanted to say you are an AMAZING mama. We're praying for you as I know this is incredibly challenging. It seems like you're doing a phenomenal job!

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