you got it!

So, I don’t know who was praying, but AWESOME! Because, last night Ransom was an ANGEL! He hardly made a peep…just some little noises to wake me up to eat! Of course, just now he woke out of a dead sleep to scream for two minutes only to fall back into a deep sleep…so yeah, every moment is different! ( I would say every day is different, but that doesn’t seem to cover it.) But, I will delight in all the good moments as much as I can…like these, for instance:

7 thoughts on “you got it!

  1. Pictures like those make me so excited about having a newborn in six months. The stories about long labors and staying up all night, not so much, but you can't have one without the other.

  2. Abigail, He's amazing. I had a crazy birth experience my first time around, and ended up having all 3 of my kidlets by c-section. I am so glad you got to give birth to him and didn't have to go that route! Such a blessing. I am praying for you at this time, (my husbands in the National Guard) so I kinda know where you are at. He left for Basic and AIT when my 2nd was 6mths old. I'll keep praying for things as I continue to read your blog!

  3. Wow! These pictures are adorable! You have a different look too. Being a 'mommy' changes a woman's countenance, no doubt about it. The tenderness of it out weighs the difficulties. I'm pretty sure you already know that, but it's a fact, not a theory. Can't wait to love on you two! xoxo Nana

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