What’s really important

Today I spent a long while working on Ransom’s Baby Book….it has become VERY clear to me that I am not at all a crafty person, but lucky for me my baby book is quite cute and therefore can distract from my sad efforts, and I will also not loose sight of the fact that I’m having a son and I really doubt he’ll care much about any cuteness scale in relations to this book…So, instead I’ll focus on content-because I would like to think, whether boy or girl, people like to know where they came from and get a little “buried treasure” look at their life before they remember it…I have very fond memories of sitting with my parents reverently looking through my baby book, reading the stories my mom wrote about me, looking at pictures of myself…wow. Yeah. I was a TAD self-involved. hehe!
Annnyway, so in the hopes of making sure our child starts out on the right foot and stays grounded as he looks through his baby book, I will be including this picture:

Circa November 2009

3 thoughts on “What’s really important

  1. aww thats cute. 🙂 By the time I came along my mother was to busy to finish mine..I guess I'll just have to finish it on my own.

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