The Big stuff

So this week has been super de-duper fast like in speed and I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Friday! Gah! And I totally planned on posting more this week! Who knows what happened?!

Anyways, on Monday I put all my “plans” for the day on hold and spent it with a friend who just had a baby two weeks ago. Lucky for me ( not so for her), she and her hubs are down to one car and she needed a ride to her two week baby doctors appointment. And then, because she’s been literally trapped in her own home with a newborn for two weeks straight, we went out to lunch to celebrate her sons two pound weight gain ( yeah, I think he’s thriving, all right! hehe). It was fun getting to hang out with her and wee little James, but also definitely mind blowing to think that I will be in her shoes in just three months! Whoooooa.

The rest of the week was filled with lots of little blessings like…we got a new chair for the living room ( and for those of you who love “the old chair” as much as I do, don’t worry…we didn’t get rid of it…its living in the baby’s room now) that Brett and I randomly found at Target. I’ll have to take a picture of the chair for you, but I really like it-mostly because Brett and I can both sit comfortably on it together. Albeit you have to really like the person you’re sitting with, but my point is that its a BIG chair, and I like BIG chairs.
In fact, to make sure that the chair was big enough, Brett and I took it for a test run in the middle of the Target home section and a woman walked by and was like, “Wow, now THAT’S what I call a cheap date!” Which I gotta agree, it WAS sorta perfect…just sitting there….watching the shoppers go by….

After the arrival of the new chair things only got BETTER…when our BABY furniture arrived!! WOOO! My sweet sweet parents bought it for us, and I am SO excited about getting it all set up!! And by getting it all set up, I mean Brett getting it all set up…hahaha! His parental duties of putting together furniture and toys has only JUST begun…
Until we get OUR furniture set up, here’s a picture of a fake baby room:

And THEN…to put a little cherry on top, our Washer and Dryer that we bought three weeks ago finally arrived. I didn’t know that I could love an appliance ( other than my red kitchenaid mixer), but I gotta admit…I have a serious crush on this washer and dryer. Here’s a picture I took with my phone while they were quietly getting two weeks worth of dirty clothes all beautiful and clean….

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