Julia Child FAILURE

So, as you all know ( because I remind you in every post), I’m throwing a party tomorrow…and a lot of people are coming and I’m starting my usual “Will we have enough food?!” freak out…..but ultimately everything was going according to plan and we were going to have everything under control.

And this evening I was planning on taking my frozen cake out of the freezer, dip the little pre-cut squares of cake into icing and then let them ‘drain’ on a rack and then sprinkle mini chocolate chips over the top and BOOM! You were going to have beautiful peti-fours to wow everyone with…

In my mind they would look something like this:

Instead I dipped the pieces of cake into the icing and they immediately crumbled…awful. Sure, the cake was frozen, but if anything it just dried it out more and made it MORE crumbly!

But, I was NOT to be deterred…I figured that even if the recipe got this part wrong surely the fact that the icing would pour over the sides of the cake and thus make smooth icing around the sides would still work….
So I decided to squeeze the icing onto the tops of them….and what happened?!

The icing did in fact slide off the cakes…but it slid TOTALLY off….

Peti-Fours FAIL!!!

6 thoughts on “Julia Child FAILURE

  1. This is why I always bake with other people. For some reason two people up your odds of things turning out right and when they don't, you can destroy all evidence. 🙂

  2. Hmmm…You probably wanted to buy them from a bakery. I'm saying that because *I* would probably never try making those little iced cakes. The perfectionist in me would freak out the entire time.

    -Amy K.

  3. Petit fours require a special icing called fondant. The people I know who bake cakes for a living tell me that it is very difficult!! Your efforts were appreciated, I bet! And, everything was eaten.

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