Today I dropped my friend Katie off at the airport. This was a particularly sad moment for me, since Katie was my very first friend in Washington. Even before Brett and I got married, I heard about Katie and her husband Mike, who Brett had met and subsequently moved into an apartment near theirs. Thus, my first introduction of Katie was just how very helpful she was in getting my ( future) husband situated. In fact, if it had not been for Katie’s “gentle nudgings”, when Brett and I got married we would have had no bed to sleep in…or couch to sit on…or table to eat at. Basically, Katie helped set up house before I even arrived! This would be worthy of thanks in itself-but ultimately Katie’s friendship has meant far more to me in my first ( and second) years of marriage. She is truly a sister who I could NOT have made it through the roller coaster ride of marriage, a new state, a new city, a new roll ( as a wife), and a new ministry here in Washington. And now she ( and soon her hubby, once the silly army gets around to letting him follow!) is starting in on a new adventure in the Kentucky region -where soon she’ll be a mommy!
Of course, I’m saying all sorts of prayers as they head out on this big adventure, but selfishly, I’m a bit sad….yet, also terribly grateful for the time I did get with Katie….whoever gets her as a friend next is a lucky duck!

2 thoughts on “goodbyes

  1. Thank you for your sweet words! I've missed you tremendously so far. I feel like I'm just on vacation for a week and coming back soon.

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