Christmas in June

This week has been quite the week for surprises! I wonder if my mail woman is wondering what’s going on…
On Monday, Brett sent me roses and chocolates ( awwwww!)
And then today I opened my mail box to find the little key that means that there is a package for you in one of the bigger boxes underneath and low and behold there was not one and not two, but THREE packages!

A fun little cupcake decorating kit from Katie that she got from, which couldn’t have COME at a better time, since I just so HAPPEN to have a party on Saturday that I need to bring something, I’m thinking cupcakes are now in order!

I also received books from Amy K.-one of which is on my list that is on my sidebar, of books I plan on reading. ( as well as a book for Brett, that I’m pretty sure, from the cover alone, he’s gonna love) This also came at a the perfect moment since I just came to the end of a book and I was at a quandary of what to read next!

And THEN I got a package from my parents… presents from Russia from my Papa*, for Brett and I as well as a T-shirt and CD that I had requested my Mom pick up for me from a band that I knew was playing in my home town a few weekends ago and I’ve been wanting their CD for a while now….( incidentally, Darcy is just quirky enough and clever enough for me to tell you all it’ll be a treat if you ever get the chance to hear them play or get your hands on a CD. )…this ALSO came a just the right moment, because I was having trouble deciding what to wear today since the tempature can’t seem to decide if its Spring or Summer-meaning you need a jacket, scarf, tanktop and a pull over shirt…..just so that you can be ready for any weather changes….so the beautiful scarf he sent was PERFECT*

So, anyway! Today was lovely…I had Thai Food with Tina where we talked about Tithing ( among other things, but that alliteration is hard to pass up!) and then walked around Olympia WA-which is quickly becoming my favorite day trip…with all its boutiques and waterfront views and cafes and teashops, you can’t go wrong!
And now I’m sitting on my balcony in a perfect sliver of afternoon sun, waiting on Katie so that we can go see the newest Pixar movie UP ( I know, I’m a bit behind, but better late than never!)

I will now leave you with the self-portrait that I tried to take of myself in my new scarf! hahaha! Very artsy don’t you think?!

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