Helping Hands

One thing I had the chance to do this past week, was help a friend of mine write up some descriptions for some of her art work that she is hoping to have published in a printmaking book….it was great fun to try and take what she’d written as well as just her ideas on a particular piece and turn it into something that might be a little bit more reader friendly. I have to admit it was some of the most fun I’ve had in a while! Mirka is a lot of fun, and her art work is pretty impressive! I recently gave one of her prints of a little birdie as a gift and everyone who saw it was jealous and wanted it for their own….I just replied with I know the artist, aren’t I lucky to be around such talent?! hehehe! But in all seriousness, it IS really refreshing to be around someone who is not only creative in their own ( talented!) right, but is kind and gracious enough to spur the people they are around in their own creative juices!

Yes, one of my favorite things about Mirka is that she is as far from pretentious and snobby about her talents as an artist, as you could get and she loves to get other people excited about “working with their hands” too! Luckily, along with her artistic ability she loves to do crafts too ( which translate a little better over to us “non-talented” folk!) and as an example, I absolutely love some of the things she makes and sells on her craft page!

But, as I was leaving her house on Friday she handed me this little Friend to take home with me, she said she just ‘threw it together’ when she was bored at her in-laws a little while ago and didn’t know what to do with it….my thoughts were, if anything I EVER made turned out like that I’d probably sell tickets and shout it from the mountain tops, but then again, my artist genes translated only into words… So thank goodness I can reap the benefits of her hands and take home such little treats that make me happy just to look at them!

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