Let this be summer…

Basically this is my favorite spot at the moment. For one thing it is officially warm enough to have both of my windows open and since they span the side of my bed, there is always a crisp, cool feeling on that side of the bed. Its so great in fact, ( especially when you turn the box fan on at night…*sigh* the only thing that could make it better is if Brett was here to enjoy it, the box fan reminds me of him more than most things since he loves them so much….) this morning after I got up early, went and ran a 5k that was being held literally a quarter of a mile from my house, I came home and got right back in bed. And that’s where I’ve pretty much been ever since.

I mean, sure, I’ll have to get out bed eventually, Bethany is on her way as I write this and I’m sure she’ll want to do something other than lie here…but for the time being I’m basking.

This is in stark contrast with yesterday, yesterday I was go, go, go all day. You can ask Linds for proof, since she pretty much spent all day yesterday lying on the livingroom floor. And every couple of hours I’d rush into the apartment, pick up something or drop something off, or quickly throw some brownies into the oven, and the rush back out again. It was kinda nice, though, having her lying in that same spot everytime I came back in-it made me feel like I hadn’t been gone long at all….

One thought on “Let this be summer…

  1. I’m pretty sure laptops were designed by someone who wanted to write emails in bed with books strewn on the cover and a drink on the nightstand.

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