You ever did see…

Sorry I’ve been away from the computer for a week or so…but that’s what happens when you make the decision to NOT lug your computer to Texas with you….while I can check my emails on my phone, responding is a whole another story…but in the spirit of visiting my family, here’s a little present. My sister and I…circa the 80s.

3 thoughts on “You ever did see…

  1. Luke: That’s Abigails big sister?
    Me: yes
    Luke: That’s who visited her before?
    Me: yes.
    Luke: I thought that was her little sister?
    Me: no, she only has one sister that was it.
    Luke: But she wasnt … bigger … than Abigail?
    Me: Was she smaller?
    Luke: No. She just wasnt bigger.
    Me: Just because she is a big sister does not mean she is bigger.

    Haha. I have no idea where that came from.

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