Not today…but close

So, this picture is from two weeks ago ( approx the last time it was
this pretty) and I would share the picture I took to document today,
but sadly, it was blurry… But I think you get the point that the
people of western Washington saw the round bright thing in the sky.

I'm actually really enjoying the weather lately. I mean, it's not nice
EVERY day… Or even ALL day… But it's having those moments of happy
to look forward to, those moments when you consider exposing your bare
arms to the elements- they make this month of April good.

In fact yesterday it was so pretty and my pandora radio was busting
out all the good songs, that I flat out ignored my bodies cries for
mercy and added an extra mile to my run. Let's just say I couldn't
ignore the cries QUITE so easily today. Eeeeee! Sore!

In less happy news, I'm currently facing scheduled silence from the
husband. Sometimes I'm not as “patriotic” and “strong” as others…
This week… Still hard.

2 thoughts on “Not today…but close

  1. Im hoping God lets me have a baby today so that you have something to do. That’s right, it’s all for you 😉

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