I know, I know…

I’m not entirely sure why I couldn’t produce a blog post this weekend, afterall I did have a pretty eventful couple of days including an idiot encounter at the bakery ( yup! my cake for Amy’s baby shower said the following when I got it, “Welcom Baby B” and that’s WITH the quotation marks as…who knows why there were quotation marks…*sigh* ) But other than that moment of Drama to start my day the shower was totally delightful. For one thing I had wonderful friends to help me set up, clean up and make conversation with people who weren’t feeling included….honestly, I hardly felt like I was hosting the shower at all! The other delightful thing about the shower was my long awaited, long planned onesie decorating. Seriously, it was SUCH fun to see what people decorated their onesie with, the breakout artists and the random pictures… all around good fun! And of course, baby showers are ALWAYS fun because they have the inevitable opening of teeny tiny gifts that cannot HELP but be ADORABLE.

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