And then there were days…

Its been a fast week, full of some good things:

So, in no particular order:

This week it snowed, rained, and it was sunny. I experienced all four seasons in a five day period. This isn’t particularly “good” but it was interesting! And I didn’t get bored!

This week I had fruitful talks with some of the girls in the Nav ministry. How I love these girls! I am often struck by my own shortcomings in trying to show them more about Christ…but this week I was reminded that most of the time they end up showing ME more about Christ! Excellent!

This week worked out more than I’ve gotten to in a while. Less headaches, more energy! That’s how it seems to work!

This week I forced myself to go to the PWOC bible study on Fort Lewis (its so darn early!). It was there that I had some great discussion with women about the hardships that deployment can bring on marriage-In many ways I am grateful that I am experiencing some of those hardships now because I see the great need to help others who might not know just how Wonderful it is to have trust in God for all things….I’m working through these problems myself, but its encouraging to know they will be useful to someone else in the future.

This week I planned a trip to Canada in a few weeks now that Tabithaofficially lives there.

This week I got the surprise new that my sister is coming to visit NEXT WEEK!!! This is almost too much excitement to bare.

This week I planned a trip to Texas in May. This makes me so happy because I’ll get to be there for Mother’s Day, my mom’s birthday, a friends wedding, and a day shy of my mother-in-laws birthday!! So much celebrating that I get to be a part of!!! YAY!

This week I got to say goodbye to a good friend who’s headed off to Iraq, by eating Indian food and watching a chick-flick*. Danielle was one of the very first people I met when I moved to Washington waaaay back when, and I’m sad to see her go, but I know God will do good things with her over “there”.

This week I got a present in the mail:

Its actually made out of brass but it looks like thread…and its AWESOME! The perfect “reminded” of my sweet husband who puts up with me even when I complained about buying guns. 😉

* I totally enjoyed the newest chick flick Confessions of a Shopaholic, it was girlie and cute and had plenty of eye-candy in the form of shoes and bags galore, and it was pretty much without the usual sexual horribleness that I hate about movies these days! two thumbs up!

Now I’m off to a “surprise” birthday party ( the surprise was ruined by facebook…sad, but true) and I’m getting all the last minute prep work done for the totally wonderful-amazing-perfectly-executed Baby shower that I’m throwing tomorrow ( cross your fingers!) !

3 thoughts on “And then there were days…

  1. I agree with you completely about the discussion … like we’ve talked about many times before, with the whole chaplains wife thing hanging over my head I feel like i HAVE to figure out how to deal with this stuff now so I can help others later … Yay for sisters!

  2. Just to let you know.. i TOTALLY cried during Fireproof. Like at everything. It started with the car accident and I expressed every future emotion by crying. What a great girl’s night! Thanks for the tid bit about the end kiss- that’s really sweet :). Have fun with your sister next weekend- eat lots of cupcakes!

  3. I’m sorry that my comment has next to nothing to do with you post, buuut I was watching the news (SFA is going to the NCAA Tournament!) and I thought I saw your dad there — then I checked the Daily Sentinel website and saw his name in the by-line for the front page picture which confirmed it. And THAT made me think of making a comment on your blog 🙂

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