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What’s for Christmas….Ransom age 3

By on December 10, 2013

Here are this year’s four presents or Ransom:

While it was a little hard to stick to my 4 presents rule for Tabitha, it was MUCH harder for Ransom, and I’m glad we’re starting this rule early in their lives. I know that as the years go on it will be that much harder to combat the “geemies” on both sides of the board.

That being said, here are the winners and runners up for Ransom’s presents this year:

Ransom ( age 3 and a half):

Read: This was hard. It always is. There are so many books I want for Ransom, but I’m gonna be honest with you, this year, because he already has so many beautiful books and I know he’s just going to get more, I went with the cheap route. And I also went with the route of “Lets learn some lessons”. Thus “The Berenstain Bears: Kindness Counts” and “The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving”

Ransom LOVES the Berenstain Bear books. He inherited all of mine from when I was a little girl, and I love how they are a good teaching tool for various lessons we face on a daily basis ( can you guess our current “learning” issues!?! hahah).
I have a running list of back up books for Ransom at all times, but here’s one that should be on any little boys Christmas list: “Steam Train, Dream Train”  Isn’t it gorgeous?
I decided to go with something a little fun for Ransom’s “wear” category…afterall, it is Christmas! I’m pretty darn excited about this present and I can’t wait to see him wearing them! However, *REAL TALK* I haven’t actually purchased this gift yet…yeah, I’ve got to make a trip to my local boot barn and it just hasn’t happened yet.  But don’t you think Ransom’s gonna be ADORABLE tromping around in something like this?!
My runner up was in a close race. But the boots ended up winning out by just a little. You’ll see why…
Yeah, I know….it was such a tough call! I can totally seeing him running around with these boots on for days on end, especially since he loves playing fireman. But, in the end I decided I would rather not have to fight the battle of not letting him wear his rain boots to school every day….You can purchase this set for your little fireman for just $19.99 on Zulily right now if you act fast!
This is always the hard category when it comes to Christmas gifts, you don’t want your kid getting new pencils ( unless they are really awesome pencils) for Christmas, so I went with something that I feel like Ransom does need, but that he might also have a little fun with. And, there’s a little story behind this one, so buckle up. Ransom only has one real board game. We won it at a white elephant a few years ago, and it’s Candyland. Not the best little boy boardgame and so I don’t have to tell you that he doesn’t really like it that much and when he does want to play with it, he definitely doesn’t want to play by the rules. That being said, I think he needs to start learning how to wait your turn and follow rules and learn how to loose well, all things that playing games teach you. So, I thought back to when I was little and one of my favorite board games was Memory.
Now, I went through all the current Memory boardgames and I didn’t like the pictures very much. And, well, the pictures are kind of important in Memory! SO I went on ebay and I found the exact Memory game that I had when I was a little girl, still in the wrapper for $15 bucks. I was SO EXCITED! ( it says ages 5-7 on the box…that’s ridiculous!)
Now, after I purchased my totally awesome Memory game that I CANNOT WAIT TO PLAY ( wait, who’s Christmas present is this again!?! haha!) I saw this incredibly cool memory game on Kelle Hampton’s blog. I’m still tempted to buy this one for someone else, because its GORGEOUS. You get to actually upload you’re own pictures for the set! Isn’t it lovely?!
Oooooh, so hard! Especially for a very active little 3 year old who could have fun with just about anything! But, in the end I went with something I really think he’s going to enjoy: Legos!!
I ended up finding this set at Sam’s Club for $10 less than Amazon or Toys R Us, so SCORE! Of course, I’m sure those annoying Black Friday People got this for like $5 or something, but I can’t handle that kind of pressure.
Of course, the present that I went back and forth and back and forth with the Legos over is similar and yet not…in fact, I’m still not sure I made the right decision ( it DOES say “4+” on the Lego box after all!! EEK!) However, a few months ago, my parents gave Ransom some little lego candies that are the same size as little lego blocks and you can even build with them! Added bonus they are pure sugar ( thanks Grandparents!)! I was surprised at how Ransom sat and made little towers with those candies, even though they didn’t always fit together well ( candy, afterall)….Ok, so I went with Legos, but every little boy needs a good set of wooden blocks too! So maybe in the future he’ll unwrap a set of Wooden Blocks like these :
So, there you have it! What Ransom will be unwrapping from his parents this year! Of course, I have a lot of other fun finds on my Amazon Wish List for Ransom that you can check out if you’d like some ideas for the 3 year old boy on your list or if you’re just curious. (I think the “I dressed myself” pin might be handy in the coming months 😉 )