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WELL! Of all the gall!

By on May 24, 2005

Is that how you spell that? “gall” or is it “gail” or is it “gale” …no….i think I got it the first time, and while I COULD look it up-I dont have Word on this work computer and I cant be bothered going to dictionary.com or anything..

So, my title refers to this: abbey, i love hearing from you but…you post too much…i cant keep up. slooooow dooooown
one of the reasons I HAVE a blog is so that people only have to read it if they want to 😛
BESIDES no one can take the only fun I have at work ( writting posts) away from me! NO ONE!
So this is an easy-to-read chapter index of the posts of today so those of you SO PRESSED FOR TIME only have to read that which truly interests you (if anything) and you’ll at least have titles for the things you choose not to read and therefore wont feel left out. :-P:
1. The Sun(shine) will come out ( tomorrow): “Jeremy makes my day”
2. Episode III: My thoughts about THAT
3. An ode to Sleep: And my lack of it.