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Welcome to the HabitAT Kitchen

By on June 12, 2015
   So, because I’m not even remotely one of these “professional” bloggers, who has the great foresight to take pictures of their house in all its fine detail before doing any changes ( duh!) you’ll have to make do for this little “Kitchen introduction” with some incredibly awesome wobbly pictures off the internet. But I think it just makes the “before” and “after” even more exciting, right? right? hahaha! So here it is: Soak in all the white counter tops and all the dark wood cabinetry….
Are you still soaking?!? Isn’t it something to behold!?? Let’s look at it from a different angle…


But let’s remember that nuns lived there and not say anything too mean. Instead, lets eat some sherbet to cleanse our pallet and head into what is now our kitchen…..

First of all, because we aren’t made out of furniture we did not have both a dining room table AND a breakfast table. So since our table is more “dining room-esque” this room is now a very fun kid friendly room where, thanks to my shiny new bar stools people can also hang out and chat while I’m cooking or eat lunch or if you’re a tiny person you can have a snack at the kid table or “make” something in the tiny kitchen.
I’m particularly happy with my “coffee/tea nook” where my chalk board calendar fit PERFECTLY to cover up the bad wood panelling back there, score!!
And now lets take a closer look into the kitchen.  I’m happy to say one of my most satisfying moments is when my painting was all done and all the various workers we’d had in the house all admitted they had thought I was CRAZY for wanting TWO DIFFERENT colors for my cabinetry. Well, folks, I think it turned out awesome! And they all had to admit that I had been right all along ( or they just wanted to make sure I was going to pay them so they agreed with me…however you want to look at it.)
Also, lets talk about my wooden counter tops. Yes, they are a little high maintenance right now. For a week we couldn’t have anything on them at all because EVERY DAY I would treat them with mineral oil ( Also, try going to Walgreens and buying a BUNCH of mineral oil without feeling weird.) But, after doing treatments every day for a week we are now down to just once a week ( and I’ve been using this amaaaaazing bees wax/mineral oil conditioner called Howards Butcher Block Conditioner  and it is great stuff) and then by the end of the month we’ll just be to monthly treatments. I can already tell that my wood is pretty well saturated with oil and water beads up on it immediately. I feel like considering the cost and how the “pain” was minimal I would do it again in a heartbeat. I looooove how it looks, and how I can kneed pizza dough on it like a champ.
One thing I have done, just to keep the water around my sink at bay, was to give my soaps and sponges a little lift on a cake stand, and I kind of like the effect!
So there you go! My brand new kitchen! If you do come for a visit please don’t look closely at the cabinets since the painting job was the furthest thing from stellar but, as I suspected, once I’d moved in and started living my every day life in it, I hardly notice the horrible mistakes and smudges any more….hardly.
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