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Welcome ( back) Friends!

By on April 22, 2018

Friend! I’ve missed you!! I can’t believe how long it’s been since we sat down for a good chat. But I’m here now and I hope, like the mark of any good friend, we can pick up right where we left off…let’s grab a coffee and catch up!


Of course I want to give some good excuses for why I was absent from this space for so long…. the release of The Day Between: A Memoir of Miracles, starting up a new online ministry space called Into the Harvest, the usual mom/wife duties and exciting ministry opportunities here in San Antonio…But to be perfect honest the major reason was technical difficulties. And once I did get a handle on all those new things that were filling up my 2018, I really found that I missed having this space to chat with you…and I just hated that my website skillz were so bad that I couldn’t fix that which I had broken. Long story short, I handed this baby over to the professionals about two months ago and have been waiting with bated breath for it to be returned to me! Its had a little bit of an overhaul and I hope that it will reflect more of who I am and more importantly what we want to share together here in this space.


A place for you to easily order my book and see reviews and upcoming speaking events, an easy way to click over to some of my ministry goings on…a place to quickly find resources in the categories section  like Teaching Kids, Ministry, Books ( that I love) and Writing….and hopefully coming soon, a “store” of sorts. ( More on that later!)

But above all this is a place for my blog. My first love. I have found it a privilege to share with you my thoughts and experiences and I do not want that to stop. Oversharing is my middlename, why turn my back on such a vital part of who I am?
So with that said, settle in, and get ready for me to get back to telling you dramatic tales of my adventures in finding the right natural deodorant, what I learned from the book of Exodus ( this read through) and the drama going on in the carpool line….you know, the usual.