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To be totally frank(incense) with you….

By on September 11, 2014

In the past two weeks we’ve had a visitor for a week, Ransom started school and Tabitha has been teething some major canine teeth action.

And we’ve been perfectly healthy. Not only that but I’ve actually started running again! At the end of August I was barely able to get out of bed and I was basically catching every cold known to man…and now.. Running.

SO. What happened?

Maybe it’s a coincidence that even though we’ve brought in the germs of an entire school and even though I was still struggling after my tonsillectomy, we’ve been healthy?

OooOOOooor maybe its because I decided to take the major plunge and start using essential oils? Who’s to say, really? And while I’m not totally convinced that it was all the oils, I’m convinced enough to give it a serious shot for the extended future!

One step at a time I’m becoming super crunchy and granola. But, seriously, I was at the end of my rope! And I guess that’s a good place to be when you decide to start experimenting!

So, I talked to a friend of a friend who’s an expert on essential oils and after hearing my laundry list of ailments she suggested I go all in and purchase the “Family Physicians pack” from DoTerra Oils.  After doing a bit of my own research and learning that Doterra is one of the very few companies that you can TRUST with the quality of the oils ( sadly no cheap oils from central market for me!), I went for it. And here is what I’ve done and learned in the last few weeks!

I store my little oil bottles here, with my prettiest dishes…aren’t they cute? ( the dishes and the little bottles)

The kit comes with these oils:

Lavender: I’ve been mostly using as a “calming” agent in my diffuser mixed with Oregano ( more on that later), I’ve also put a little on Ransom’s pillow a few nights when he’s woken up with bad dreams.   Every time he’s immediately gone back to sleep and then  SLEPT IN ( those of you with crack-of-dawn babies know what a miracle that is!)

Lemon: I’ve used this in my diffuser as well because it also has airborne disinfectant abilities, but I’ve also used it in a spoon full of honey when one morning I woke up with a sore throat. ( Sore throat gone right away) *Important note: a teeny tiny drop of these essential oils goes a REALLY long way! My awesome consultant gave me several great guides on just how LITTLE I have to use!

Peppermint: One of my laundry list ailments was thrush in my mouth from all the antibiotics I’ve taken over the last few months. After 5 days of a little peppermint ( it has natural anti fungal abilities) in coconut oil swished around in my mouth and spit out- I was totally better! And this was after trying anti fungal meds to no avail!

Melaleuca: For another of my list of ailments: the guttate psoriasis that I developed from my ongoing strep throat ( seriously? I have no luck.) I’ve been putting a mixture of Jojoba oil ( just a carrier oil really, but I love it for not leaving grease stains!) Melaleuca and Frankincense on my arms and legs after I shower every day! The change has been amazing! I asked my doctor about it when I visited today and he couldn’t deny that it was getting better.  I’m also going to try the Melaleuca on Tabitha and Ransom’s eczema, though we’ve been enjoying a little moment of “clear skin” at the moment…maybe due to: using a combination of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint rolled on the skin you can combat  allergies! WHAAAA?!? )

Oregano: I’ve used oregano diluted with oil on my own skin to help my immunity, but oregano can be kind of potent on sensitive skin so I’ve been using it in my diffuser with other oils ( usually lavender, because who doesn’t like a calm kid?) for the kiddos ( and their sensitive skin)

I bought this little diffuser on Amazon and I love it! It was FAR cheaper than any other diffuser I’ve seen, and it works great!
( It should be noted that this extreme closeness to the diffuser is not necessary or recommended, Ransom just REALLY wanted to be in the shot 😉 !) 

Frankincense: This stuff is the best! I basically want to mix it with all my other oils because it seems to do EVERYTHING ( but its also the most expensive ( and one of the reasons its such a great deal in the physicians kit) and now I’m understanding why Jesus got it as a birthday gift. 😉

Deep Blue®: I mentioned earlier that I’ve been feeling so much more energetic and so I’ve started running again! However, I still have some foot issues to contend with ( Plantar’s Facisitis) and I’ve been using a little Deep blue mixed with oil to rub into my sore muscles. So far my foot hasn’t been causing me much trouble at all! Brett also had some shoulder problems that after a deep tissue massage with Deep Blue he felt way better!

Breathe: I haven’t had to use this one yet!  But since I hear a serious respiratory virus is making its rounds this year I’m glad I have it handy for my defuser and for little stuffed up chests in the future!

DigestZen: Brett is constantly having tummy troubles ( oops. Sorry for sharing husband) and so I’ve rubbed one or two drops on his stomach the last few weeks, he says he can’t say “for sure” if its helped or not, but I’ve used it when I ate my sandwich too fast and had a tummy ache yesterday and I liked the smell at least 😉

On Guard: My faaaaaavorite and the oil I’ve used the most obsessively ( for obvious reasons) its the immunity cocktail and I’ve been putting it in a carrier oil in a little roller bottle and rolling a little on the bottom of my kids feet in the morning and at night ( they both love it!)

So there you go! I’m super excited about this development in our family health, I am sure I will continue to dole out Ibprofene for teething and use our tried and true eczema prescription oil and any other medicines that we deep necessary, but I REALLY enjoy having these oils around as a preventive measure and as an added boosts to our medicine cabinet. And now what about you? Are you a fan of oils? Any amazing “recipes” I should start using? Also, are you an oil “hater”? I’d love those inputs as well! Seriously, as you can tell I’m still at the very beginning phases of learning here and would love all thoughts I can get!

*Other note: Because I bought the “kit” I’m now automatically a Doterra partner or something. I know very little about this, except that I’m sure if you used my site ( linked above as well) than I’d get some sort of good deals ….but honestly, I’m just happy that as a partner I get major discounts on future purchases and it doesn’t cost me a thing! Score!

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    Sarah McClure

    September 11, 2014

    I haven't used oils myself but have lots of friends who do! One of them cut her nose so bad she needed several stitches basically to reconnect a flap of skin from the bridge of her nose. She used frankincense on it during the healing and after just 3 or 4 months I saw it and you could see no scarring at all. I was pretty impressed by that!!