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By on April 4, 2017
Today, I’ve written several parts of several posts that I promise I will be sharing in the nearish future, but since I couldn’t hit publish quite yet I thought I would do a little “Things I’m into right now” post-which I haven’t done in a while….


Pause while I help my daughter problem solve on a blanket for one of her play mobile people….we went with a square of toliet paper. 


OK, where was I? Ah yes.

I own 2 crockpots, and a rice cooker do I REALLY need an Insta-Pot too?!? You’d think so if you were on social media for any length of time…I admit I’m starting to save my pennies.

There is a family of 7 walking the Appalachian Trail together to help heal the effects PTSD has had on their family. Their journey is happening right now, and they have faithfully posted every single day! I cannot look away from their journey and it hits so close to home since we know so many who suffer from PTSD.


So, I am waaaay late to the party, but lately I’ve found a lot of enjoyment listening to podcasts while I wash dishes, clean the house and when Im driving in the car to any number of child-related-activites.  My current favorite is Glorious in the Mundane ( Thanks, Miranda!) by Christy Nockels.


I’m currently in love with skirts with pockets. I picked up this one on Amazon and its the softest thing ever!


I love my friend Renee’s blog all the time, but recently she posted a list of great graduation gifts and I had to confess that I wanted all the gifts for myself! Go check it out if you’re looking for a functional and fun gift for a friend or graduate ( or me…whatever.)