Things I love, plus one thing I do not love

Brett was in the military for the first 9 years of our marriage, so I know all about horrible healthcare. So, lets just say my threshold is pretty much at the bottom of the barrel. But recently I’ve run into some health issues that I have not been able to will away with good vibes. (Let’s just say that third baby did a number on my hormones and I haven’t recovered a solid 3 years later.) Sigh.

Anywho, I’ve finally decided to change doctors since in the 2 years of going to the current “doctor” ( I put that in quotes because I’ve literally never met my primary care doctor. Does he even exist? I doubt it.) I have never seen the same doctor. EVER.  I even went in for a follow-up appointment that the previous doctor requested and saw…yet another doctor. It was basically just a repeat of the first appointment, all the same questions…. But, of course, I had to pay again. *Swear words*

Buuuut we have terrible insurance so finding an actual doctor who’s not just a resident ( doing their time) in a giant medical conglomerate to see me is pretty much not going to happen, so to make myself feel better I’m stress eating mini-marshmallows and I’m going to tell you the current things making me happy:

  • Netflix. Slow clap for Netflix because they heard all the women and they gave us back the Rom-Com. All three types of rom-coms for that matter:   Adult Romantic Comedy: Set It Up-  which definitely isn’t perfectly clean, its decent and not super gross ( which is where most of our “romantic comedies” these days have ended up.  Period Piece Romantic Comedy: Guernsey Potato Peel Pie Society- which, sure, has a horrible name, but its based on the book so whatcha gonna do? And it’s absolutely charming. WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. And then we can’t forget the Teen Romantic Comedy: To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before- which, a teen rom-com that doesnt make the teens act live jaded 25-year-olds, hasn’t been done in a long time…and this movie made me so so happy. WELL DONE NETFLIX! You made me talk in all caps!
  • The Royals. Specifically Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. I watched their wedding ironically and then about half way into it I got goosebumps with the gospel choir and I’ve been unironically fan-girling ever since. I listen to this podcast while I “work out” at the gym and it makes me all kinds of happy.
  • And speaking of podcasts a friend sent me the link to this family podcast called “The Same Page Podcast” that puts out a little five-minute start to the day that includes scripture, poetry, Shakespeare and history facts each week. ( if you know anything about Classical Conversations- its definitely connected but they don’t shove it down your throat, which I appreciate.) They are also putting out a Chapter by Chapter reading of The Wizard of Oz that my kids are really loving! Look it up and listen to it over breakfast! It’ll be almost as good as coffee!
  • The book  Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome, a recommendation from my brother-in-law was the perfect read-aloud book for the family this summer! We ALL loved it ( well, minus Justice)! And we can’t wait to read the follow up books in the series!
  • But not to leave Justice out: we got a new book, that I was suuuuper excited about, since reading its predicessor: “Not the Hippopatomus” which I have loved since Ransom was a baby! Now we finally “But not the Armadillo” by Sandra Boynton ( who is still a great social media follow if you need something happy in your twitter or instagram feed)

Alright, it’s back to researching doctors….wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “Things I love, plus one thing I do not love

  1. Abigail, you are a pool of fresh water in the desert parts of motherhood! Thank you for always sharing the things you like! It is always something I like too & makes my stay at home life much better & smoother because these “little” things that make moms a little happier, end up making the whole home a little happier too! 🙂

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