There is a season

By on July 16, 2015


My entry way is not even remotely close to completion ( and it probably won’t be for quite some time because I’m waiting to find the perfect bench that is also the perfect price and looks just like the one in my head…so yeah. Don’t feel like you need to hold your breath on that one. That being said, yesterday I was thinking about this lovely little piece of “art” that I decided to hang in our entryway when we moved into the HabitAT house. It use to hang in Tabitha’s room and I first wrote about it here.  When I created it, it was meant to be a little something to hang up in Tabitha’s room to help tell her story. The idea being to combine the once-a-day-pictures that I took from the day we arrived in Houston during our ordeal with Tabitha’s birth all the way until the day we left.



The cool thing though, was that I started the project while I was in Houston. I did my formatting and layout long before I actually knew how many days we were going to actually have to be there. At the time I figured I’d have to edit it, or fudge and add a few more pictures on to the end.  And yet, it is is worth repeating over and over again, that I filled up my little collage exactly TO. THE. DAY.

The first and last pictures being almost identical pictures of Ransom looking out a plane window as we arrived and departed Houston. 108 days exactly.

All of a sudden this cool piece of picture art turned into a full on lesson on God’s Perfect Timing and I felt like it might be timely ( pun intended) to share it here again today.
Sometimes we find ourselves in horribly hard times: Dark days that seem to spill endlessly into more dark days. And yet, we must know that all our wall collage seasons have a Last Day. Sure we don’t know when it will be, but rest assured the Lord has a day in mind and its already been formatted into place. So hold on. In the same way that He has planned out how many days, He’s also going to be there for each and every one of them.
In the same way, our lifelong wall collage-with its good and bad days posing next to each other, showing victories and struggles and life in all its little and big milestones, also has an Airport Picture. Right there at the end, already set and ready to go. We’re filling in collages every day and if you’re stuck in a hard one, like the one pictured above, than I hope it is encouraging to you to know that it has an end. I also hope that whatever season you are in: that you see those little picture squares as a challenge, that we fill up our pictures with things that are worthy. Sure, the collage above has a picture of my iPad showing that I watched the ENTIRE series of 30Rock while on bed rest ( so clearly I’m one to talk), but it also shows people and the relationships that got us through and that changed us and challenged us. It shows pictures of ultrasounds and miracles, of hard days and bible verses and no two days are the same. So if you are stuck on a repeat picture or you are having trouble imagining another picture square then don’t worry, we’ve got a wonderful God who is ready and willing to help us fill in those pictures and to create the perfect wall art for our lives!
I’m so thankful I get to look at this particular challenging season every day and remember that even in its salty-tearstained way it made us better. And also that it ended.
A hug

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