The Widow’s oil.

By on November 23, 2015
We were lucky to have been given a weeks worth of Thik and Clear when we left the hospital however I knew that eventually that supply would run dry so I went to my standby-Amazon- halfway through last week to mail myself some more.
I was not excited when I saw the hefty price tag on those little packets of thickener but I closed my eyes and pushed “order”… But then I had to open my eyes fast because my order was not eligible for Amazon Prime-
I looked at our fast deminishing supply of thickener and had to swallow an even larger pill and pay even MORE money for expedited shipping. Now, for those of you keeping track my bill was over $100 at this point…but even though that wasn’t my favorite way to spent $100  it was worth it for Justice to keep his food down, right?!
But now that the order was made o started to not-so-patiently wait for my “shipping notification”. Days passed and my order still said “waiting to be shipped” next to it. I started to panic! I started to pray that our packets of thickener would turn into a Widow’s Oil Type ( Read 2 Kings chapter 4 for the story!)  situation as Thursday turned to Friday and I started calling pharmacies all over town to see if anyone had what I needed in stock with no luck!
I started to get desperate over the weekend and tried calling the hospital to see if they could help… But I only got answering services.
And so I prayed… I asked God to somehow work a miracle.
Today I woke up to one packet left. I made one final call to the hospital and the lady we had worked with us when we had been there answered the phone. She told me of a random pharmacy on the south side and I immediately called. They had two cans left.
We immediately drove, kids in PJs Info the ghetto and I walked into the pharmacy willing to pay just about any price for that can!
So you can imagine my surprise when the checkout lady said, “that’ll be $8.40.”
And so that is how the Lord worked an unlooked for miracle this morning. It wasn’t oil, but it was just as good.
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