The book update.

By on January 24, 2015

Hey friends, remember way back when, when I told you I was going to write a book? And how its been mostly crickets on this end for a while on that front?

Well…yeah. I now totally laugh at the naive girl that thought she could get the first draft done by Tabitha’s first birthday…or second birthday. It turns out that all the good juicy stuff that is really worth writing about, is all the stuff that takes time to write about. Not just the normal time that we call “Time Unoccupied by Small People” time but that special Time that is used for deep reflective thought.
That time is rare. But, I’ve cut myself some slack on the “time” department. I’ve given myself a few little deadlines just to keep the ball rolling, but I think they are much more manageable now.

However, I wanted to share something kinda neat with you guys: One thing I was worried about by not having this lovely first draft finished was that as time passed, so would my memories. That I would lose the good juicy story-telling aspect of description. And that the details would fade. I had been really praying and worrying about that particular downfall of this writing journey being so long. But then, I got the neatest answer from the Lord! I was singing in church the other day, minding my own business, when a line from the song struck me so hard I had to catch my breath! In that one little line ( which I can’t even remember now, and which probably doesn’t even have anything really to do with what happened next) I was taken back to a particular day in Tabitha’s story. I mean I was there. And it was like I remembered things the Lord did in that day that I hadn’t really thought about ever, or maybe had just forgotten, but either way they were FRESH and I was able to write it all down so easily! It was a cool little reminder that what I set out to do from the beginning was to write down what the Lord had done and what He taught me from that particular season in our lives. Those things are His. His memory is perfect and He knows what happened just as perfectly today as He did on the day that he first did them! Hooray!
Now, while I may have written it all down “easily” after that happened in church, I’m still tweaking and smoothing out that “easy” work a week or so later, so yeah, writing a book is hard. But thankfully the work is not just mine!

I do sometimes get caught up in what to DO with this story when I’m finished with it, but I’m just hoping that, that will become clear when the time comes! Wish me writing Luck! Or better yet, say a prayer for me. 😉