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The Best Friends ever: book people.

By on January 19, 2016

I have so many wonderful friends, I really do, but today I’d like to single out two of them. Miranda and Tabitha are two of my dearest friends and only one small part of that friendship has to do with what I’m going to talk about today-so please do not think less of me for what I’m about to say….Miranda and Tabitha know how to buy my children’s love. Heck, they know how to buy my love! And it is by regularly giving my kids wonderful gifts- and usually those gifts will include books.

And not just ANY ol’ book. But really really excellent books. And as I have recently come to admit to myself that I have sadly entered a season of life where getting to go and browse a book store is a distant memory- it is REALLY important to me that I have two such wonderful friends who have REALLY GOOD taste in children’s books. And not only that, they share my LOVE for children’s books. And like me, they know that it is not necessarily important to HAVE a child to spend hours in a children’s section of a book store. In fact, now that I have children I have come to realize that its really better if you DONT have children…but I digress. And so over the years I’ve come to rely on both of them heavily in keeping our Children’s library happy, healthy and continually growing.

And recently when I was picking out a book to read to Tabitha before her nap time, I realized that I’ve been very stingy with you, my dear readers, YOU TOO should benefit from my dear friends! So, today I’m going to share with you the totally GREAT books that they have given us over the years. So, get out your pen and paper, or get your fingers ready to pin or save or share….or whatever else you need to do so that you can use this post as a fail-safe reference of awesome children’s books.

I will start with those that are also a series, but that either Miranda or Tabitha introduced us to and now we’re obsessed with all of them….

( best read with a thick accent)
(we now have two of the Snowmen books and they are hilarious and awesome)
( the first book is so very accurate about children, as a parent I laughed out loud-and by the third book, you will seriously be bawling your eyes out. And your kid will look at you like you are crazy. It will be amazing. )
And then here are some books that I found so touching and wonderful that I can’t stop gushing about them, go get them and you will see what I mean:
Or books that make you feel special and great after reading them ( or listening to them!)
This one is totally a favorite!
This one is also pretty hilarious which brings me to….
Books that make me and my kids laugh…usually for different reasons ?
Always up for a good pun…
Also, these last two are just fascinating and original and some of my favorites as well…
So there we go! Some
Truly great choices!!
And now I’m curious- have you been given a treasure of a book recently? Or found one at your library or book store that is making your reading times that much better? I’d love to hear about it!!