Tabitha Teaches me a lesson

Way back when I began in earnest to published this book, I had made a list of all the things I had to do to bring this book to life and now I am way down at the bottom of that list where it says, publicity.  I honestly didn’t think I’d ever get here! In a little part I was hoping I wouldn’t get here because I’m pretty terrible at this part!

This week I spent a lot of time staring at an empty screen on my computer. I read a quote recently that said that people’s first impression of your book will be the last thing that you write. Great. 

That’ll give anyone writer’s block.  My book is done. The cover is done. It’s all ready to go…. and now to the awful process of writing about my book.

And so I sat staring at empty screens. Now, they weren’t totally empty, a lot of the screens had very fancy and successful podcast information on them. Friends of friends of friends who fit well into my “brand” ( what does that even mean?!?), if I named dropped just the right way, and if I sold my book with just the right clever sentences then maybe they’d give me a second glance! Maybe…

Everything felt so stale! I finally just gave up in frustration and headed out on a walk with my Youngers and started singing praise songs to them. I was in the middle of a rousing rendition ( I’m not a very good singer) of Micah 6:8 when Tabitha interrupted with her usual complaint that there weren’t praise songs about her ( we have several that have “Ransom” in them too). I was about to begin my usual placations when I stopped and decided to see if maybe there could be a praise song about her. I made a little video of Tabitha and I asking for a song about her and we posted it on social media and we waited.

What we got in return was far greater than I could have expected….

First off, a wonderfully talented friend whipped up a song for Tabitha in no time and sent me a recording. And I immediately started to cry….

The song was wonderful and I’ll post the recording at the bottom of this post- but the chorus was this:

Tabitha, Tabitha, rise, rise, for God has need of you. 

All of a sudden the great truth of my book became flooding back: The book that I so recently boiled down to some pithy publicity statement…. I remembered afresh why I’d written it: to tell the story of my daughters, to tell the story of a personal Lord and Savior who had walked through that time with us. I also remembered that He had told me to write it all down.

And then- just to belabor the point, (because I’m slow) another dear friend sent some really great commentary on the passage in the Book of Acts that tells of the Biblical Tabitha, in case it might be useful in writing a song about Tabitha.  The information was great, and even had some points I’d never thought of before like the writer of Acts did not give a “voice” to Tabitha. Her action was what spoke for her, and then once she had been raised from the dead- other than getting up and walking out to her friends, we don’t learn anything else about her. We assume she went back to doing good works and loving her neighbors well. That’s it.

That too, struck me hard, all the Lord told me to do was to write this book. I did that part. Now I must wait for you, dear friends, to read it. But until then I want so desperately to do something to “help it along.”

After those little reminders about the character of Tabitha, I am remembering that the Lord does His own work. I did my part and now I’ve got to give my “baby” over-  I hope that people will like my book. I hope they will pass it along. I hope it will help someone, anyone. But ultimately I wrote it as a praise to my King. For He is worthy of all praise. I also have to remember that even when we don’t have a voice ourselves ( like Tabitha in the Bible), the Lord’s message comes out loud and clear.

Sorry the recording isn’t great, I’ve got to get someone to record it for me!!- here are the words:

There was a lady named Tabitha. She was a disciple of Christ.

She did good works and had charity, but she lost her life. 

Her friends called Peter to come right away. Help us, Help us, they did say. 

So Peter came and knelt right down and this is what he said. 

He said, “Tabitha, Tabitha rise and live. God has need of you.”

” Tabitha, Tabitha, rise again for God has need of you.” 

They all were wondering what had happened when they saw her appear. 

Peter said she was gone but now, Tabitha is here. 

Tabitha, Tabitha, Rise rise. 

Tabitha, Tabitha. Rise 

Tabitha, Tabitha, Rise, rise God has need of you.